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With this course you will evolve from knowing the very basics of browsing the web into an SEO Professional. You will learn how to bump up a site's rank on search engines organically (without spending money). Learn all the strategies that go into optimizing pages and content for search, the kind of ways page ranking can be improved, what content people respond to and so much more. This in-depth introductory course covers the basics of SEO, its implementation and advanced offerings.


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Get introduced to the course, its scope, and your instructor.

  • Course Intro 5min 3sec
  • Expert Intro 1min 12sec

Understand the process, environment and basic functioning of SEO. This module will give you the first taste of SEO, and what we'll be focusing on in the proceeding lectures. You'll learn about Keywords, Reading SERPs, Planning, and more.

  • SEO Basics 4min 18sec
  • Relevance Authority EAT 3min 39sec
  • Reading SERP 2min 3sec
  • SEO Funnel and Business 3min 49sec
  • Keyword Research 1min 42sec
  • Keyword Research 2 5min 21sec
  • Keyword Planning and Google Trends 3min 57sec
  • Keyword Planning and mapping 3min 3sec

Learn about the implementation of SEO and the tools that are associated with SEO. Moreover, get a detailed look into the technical side of SEO, the analytics and the on-site and off-site techniques used in effective SEO ranking. Additionally, see how Search Engines register content on your website.

  • Web Hosting 8min 11sec
  • Domains 5min 59sec
  • Understanding WordPress 7min 43sec
  • Technical SEO 6min 22sec
  • Google Analytics 4min 13sec
  • Website Layout, Responsiveness, XML Sitemaps 7min 1sec
  • Writing a winning blog entry 27min 8sec

Advanced SEO includes the technical aspects of SEO and the understanding of what it means to be an SEO Expert, where to go from here, some additional tips and tools, and one last glance over the course before you're finally on your way.

  • How to succeed in SEO 2min 10sec
  • Before and after SEO Example 4min 55sec
  • Understanding Robots.txt 3min 0sec
  • Backlinking 2min 16sec
  • SEO for E-Commerce 3min 46sec
  • Summary and Goodbye 2min 54sec
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About Expert

Adi Abdurab

Digital Marketing Professional | 17 years in Blogging, SEO & Trainings

Trainer | SEO Specialist | Heavily Certified Digital Consultant | Peabody Award winner and Emmy nominee


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  • Technical Humair

    Verified by Airschool

    basic hay but best hy


    Verified by Airschool

    A very well explained cource, but this cource will not make you a full time seo expert, this is just an overview of basically what seo is, in my case it was benificial for me because after taking it now i know what i have to do to increase my skills in SEO and this cource will help me out in understanding Advanced SEO.

  • A

    Asad Ullah

    Verified by Airschool

    The course by Sir Adi at Airschool.com is great. He is a great and humble mentor to learn.

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  • SEO Professional
  • Ad Manager
  • Keyword Researcher
  • Digital Marketer
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30 enrolled on this course